Elham Asadpour, Nathalia Azuero, Denise Lee, Stefan Lesueur, María Paula Maldonado, Matheus Opa.

Performance, TRACING BAUHAUS- A series of performative lectures coordinated by Sabine Folie.

Within the context of the theoretical course, Tracing Bauhaus II, a group formed to discuss micropolitics. The topic was chosen out of a shared interest in the functionality of small, frequent actions and the power of the individual in the face of broader power structures. 

With the purpose of deepening their understanding of micropolitics, the group identified examples of established norms they sought to challenge, which led to a discussion of privilege. While the privileges that individuals possess are not always readily seen, they are very influential in the way we experience daily life. A person’s nationality, race, gender, class, etc. creates a framework for how they interact with the world and how the world interacts with them. 

As a result of the discussions, the group appropriated an origami-based children’s game, known as Fortune Teller in English. A simple game that is commonly played around the world, Fortune Teller provides the opportunity to interact with people on an individual level. Although the game typically provides answers to simple questions, the group has adapted the mechanics of the game to raise questions concerning the subject of privilege. 

Through this game, the group aims to encourage people to interact, self-reflect, and empathize: to stop, doubt, listen, and love.