Minhee Ahn, Moawya al-Khadra, Asha Lester, Yael Peri, Yağmur Ruzgar, Cansu Naz Tekir, Michael Usling

Performance, TRACING BAUHAUS- A series of performative lectures coordinated by Sabine Folie.

Da Bin Ich is a site-specific video installation composed of a series of short stories by seven artists. Each of the individual narratives investigate or expose a part of Weimar, Germany, the artists’ current place of residence. Using their unique experiences as a visual collage, the artists discuss the city existing as a place of transience, permanence and somewhere in-between. Employing the two main themes of diaspora and non-place, the video installation encourages viewers to interrogate their own ideas of place and belonging, not only in Weimar, but also in a greater existential context.

*Title idea Da Bin Ich:

Rationale: This roughly translates to “Here I am” or “I am there”. The title suggests that the chief subject matter we are working with is ourselves (person) and Weimar (place). It speaks loosely to a sense of displacement/belonging in Weimar. It is also a very simple and honest German phrase, essentially saying, “This is Me, here I am, this is my experience, take it or leave it.”