Antonije Burić

Performance, 2019

In his practice the artist reflects on working and living situations that are often marked by precarity and the artist’s position in relation to them in the context of a capitalist society. The hands in the title were on one hand inspired by his own collection of found gloves, intimate everyday objects that tell of their owner’s life and are at the same time useless on their own. On the other hand, they refer to the focus on handicraft advocated by the Bauhaus movement as a response to the hazardous working conditions brought about by the industrial revolution.   

In a series of performances in the public space the artist asks the participants to stand in line and cover the ears of the person in front with their hands while the first in line holds up a firecracker. This absurd act of mimicry is mirrored in the artist’s interest in surrogate art. Translating another person’s creation, the desire or need to please is an expression of relationships of power as well as a reflection on the conditions in which art is created.