Jakob Wirth

architectural intervention In collaboration with Alexander Sacharow, 2019

Who owns the roof? How to solve the housing crisis? And how to react to the nomadic lifestyle of today?

With BAU.AUFS.HAUS the artist proposes a mobile ready-made house intended to make city rooftops inhabitable. The individual elements can be transported through every staircase and installed on any rooftop in just three hours. In this way, BAU.AUFS.HAUS allows for a spontaneous and experimental use of unused roof areas. 

The question how affordable housing, flexible lifestyles and the appropriation of roof areas can be connected is a central concern of the project. In the context of IMAGINARY BAUHAUS MUSEUM the kit will be tested for the first time on the university campus and subsequently travel to rooftops in different cities. The artist distributes the construction plans open source, each house can be produced for under 1.000 €, transporting the Bauhaus motto “the needs of the people instead of the need for luxury” into the present