Yağmur Ruzgar in collaboration with Ozan Akkoyun

Reizueberflutung Artspace, Weimar metal structure (c. 12m x 1,5m), postcards, sweatshirts (2 sizes, genderless), 2019

ALL TOGETHER+ is a pop-up shop event based on the notion of a gesamtkunstwerk, or total work of art. By combining elements of art, architecture, design, fashion, brand identity, and exhibition design the event blurs the boundaries between disciplines in continuation of the original Bauhaus approach to creating art. A continuous yet modular metal structure carrying a couple of sweatshirts, spreads around the white cube gallery space of Reizüberflutung Artspace in Weimar. The artist draws inspiration from the flexible aluminum Struc-Tube exhibition scaffolding system developed by modernist furniture designer George Nelson in 1948.  The exhibited clothing rack imagines a possible application of the modernist maxim “form follows function” for the future.