Stefan Lesueur

LED light, clock mechanism, cylinder, 2019

TIMEKEEPERS consists of three beams of light that gradually rotate through the exhibition space of Schiller Museum. The beams have been designed by the artist as a direct reaction to the physical confines of the exhibition rooms, which have been stripped of natural light due to an overuse of temporary walls. Without the option to simply cut through the walls, the site-specific installation attempts to compensate for the loss of sunlight by mimicking the sun’s steady movement over the course of a day.

By introducing the element of light, the installation creates an opportunity for ritual and contemplation within the context of the IMAGINARY BAUHAUS MUSEUM. In this way, the artist aims to provide a contrast to the general nature of the exhibition and the Bauhaus 100 celebrations more generally. Whereas a multitude of actions and events take over the city, the beams continue their methodical rhythm, catching attention by simply highlighting what is there.