Nathalia Azuero

installation with discarded furniture, 2019

SPERRMÜLL COLLECTION is an installation using discarded furniture from the residential complex Weimar West. When the artist first moved to the city from abroad, she noticed the piles of discarded furniture that were often in near-perfect condition. When picking up pieces in order to furnish her own home and documenting the process, the artist realized that others – mostly from abroad – did the same. Inside Schiller Museum, the furniture installation serves as a communal gathering and event space. Throughout the exhibition period pieces are added, removed and deliberately kept out of balance in order to question the idea of comfort that these objects should provide. The artist wants to draw attention to the migration of objects and people as well as to their status as overproduced commodities. A catalogue that shows the documentation process also includes a photoshoot of domestic scenes using the discarded furniture to stage a “perfect” home as it is often featured in home magazines.