Denise Lee

participatory performance, 2019

Much as the Bauhaus movement strove to disrupt the mass-produced industrialization of objects by reconsidering everyday objects and architecture, STRUGGLE/CYCLE seeks to disrupt and reconsider everyday actions and their roles in people’s lives. Cyclical actions tend to fall under the category of chores; something we have to get out of the way before we can continue with the more important aspects of our lives. They can often seem unrewarding- particularly when viewed from the perspective of a capitalist reward system. 

The artist proposes to rethink such notions of routine in favor of perceiving them as a place to re-center through a series of ritual washing sessions at the public Froschbrunnen fountain in Weimar. Viewers are invited to take part in the ritual processes and to engage in conversations about the role of routine and ritual in their lives. Taking place at a site where people used to gather with each other in order to gather water for daily usage, the artist hopes that these sessions will activate a space that is now mostly a decorative remnant of an illustrious past.