Farzane Vaziritabar

mixed media installations, performances, sculptures, videos, 2019

In a play on the famous modernist design maxim FFF or “form follows function”, meaning that the shape of an object should relate to its intended function, later translated into “form follows fiasco” by postmodern designers, the artist proposes “form follows Farzane” as its latest interpretation. Through a variety of media that change over the course of the exhibition, the artist invites her audience to interact with the presented following instructions given by her. By illustrating how forms are shaped or reshaped in every interaction, the artist challenges the relationship between object and subject. Elements such as time, mass, volume, fullness, and surface or a combination of these, may change in every moment. Where the original interpretation of the idiom was based on the assumption that both form and function were clearly defined concepts, the artist interprets the modernist maxim for a present that is defined by individualism.