Kathryn Gohmert

interactive sculpture, 40 x 60 x 60 cm, 2019

In a reaction to the current political climate, this machine delegates narrative responsibility to each. The sculpture is completed by the viewer and operates only when a human being approaches it. The presence of the viewer causes the compass needle to point towards him or her, in this way each person becomes the “true north”. The artist wants the sculpture to make people feel recognized in order to oppose the feeling of being unheard, reminding the viewer of their individual role as part of a whole and inciting them to claim accountability. In the face of increasing political fragmentation and disillusion, she hopes that people will recognize the weight of their own voices and no longer feel the need to resort to desperate, reactionary measures.

Made of steel, copper, wood and glass, the work references elements of Bauhaus architecture and points to a shared believe in collective ideals.