Sophie Foster

intervention in public space, 2019

The project consists of an outdoor projection of an animated neon sign with the slogan BUSINESS AS USUAL and its acronym BAU, meaning construction in German. The phrases each define an ongoing and unchanging state of affairs despite the difficulties or disturbances of an area under construction, reflecting on the status of construction in Weimar as it undergoes reconstructions for the Bauhaus centenary. The artist uses irony to highlight the way people’s surroundings are in constant change marked by an adaption to everyday circumstances, regardless of what architects, urban planners and administrators originally envisaged in the blueprint. The scale of the work also plays on the notion of ambiguity- while the typeface and neon medium suggests a branding of the space similar to advertising, the installation can easily be taken away, acting more as a means of highlighting what is already there than of intervening into the urban environment.