Ginna Alejandra Vélez Carrasco

performance, one-channel video, color, sound, 10:50 min., Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2014

 “Far away from my warm home, I walk and I start to know particular places which remind me of our beautiful culture and our complex history between love, fear, colors, dance, and opened scars ...

I try to avoid what it is happening in my surroundings through a few minutes of self-affection; nevertheless, at any moment I must remember where I am from.

I try to avoid again but I cannot do it because I will always feel the hard weight which I carry and hold inside my body, behind my back.”

When visiting Sarajevo, the artist was struck by the many similarities she found between the city and her Colombian home country. In an act of physical assimilation, she asked local people to change her physical appearance in subtle, comfortable ways thus connecting to the city as well as to her own cultural roots. The piece addresses the notion of migration on a personal level, more precisely the ambiguous feeling of traveling abroad to find something reminiscent of the place that one has left behind.