Lucia Diegó

temporary action with wool, 2019

Passing strings of wool through a small hole in the wall, the artist knits a ‘human body’ while continuously knitting and unknitting the abstract shape throughout the exhibition period. For her, the action of knitting resembles the action of building an identity. Just as bodies, emotions, and perspectives in life are constructed from the fragments of cultural, political, emotional identity that are in a process of constant transition, she chooses to knit the same string of wool into different shapes again and again. Just as an individual might choose to select and present different traits for different interactions with the environment while leaving others behind, the wall acts as a frontier and filter in the artist’s process of creating a new body or identity. 

More than in an object of art itself, the artist is interested in the processes of creation; by spending several hours creating these temporary shapes she points to the idea of bodies and/or identities as unfinished statements.