Vincent Brière

music video, color, sound, 3:23 min

BAUHAUS FOREVER is a single released by Grrropius, the Bauhaus-obsessed pop star. Grrropius composed, promoted and launched his song in a world premiere at Weimar’s former Bauhaus Museum in the context of Kunstfest Weimar 2018 before touring the entire world. Creating a persona based on Bauhaus-founder Walter Gropius, the artist humorously connects one of the key figures in the development of Western modernism to 1980s punk rock bands such as the Riot grrrls alluded to in the name. Mimicking the languages of branding and advertisement, the artist makes a tongue-in-cheek comment on the contemporary proliferation of Bauhaus that also comes in the forms of a lifestyle or aesthetic. In contrast to earlier periods, such trends also take place in the digital sphere, where the artists career be followed under the @grrropius.