Suelen Calonga in collaboration with Kamai Freire

performative action in public space, street party (c. 4:00 hours), 2019

REPÚBLICA DE WEIMARLLANDRA is a street block party that addresses issues of geopolitics, decolonization and socio-economy through joyful catharsis. Employing a humorous interplay between layers of meanings and signifiers, this republic emerges as a hybrid between German and Brazilian references. The artist draws from the history of performative and participatory arts in the public sphere as well as from her home country’s rich music and dance heritage. Carnival is presented as a technology for political discussion, problematization, and the treatment of collective traumata with happiness. In reference to the figure of the ‘malandro’ or ‘malandra’, a street-smart individual that improvises solutions by adopting informal procedures, the project advocates that such forms of embodied knowledge should be shared in an international context to make the world a better place. The party condenses the complexities of Brazilian identity and opens up creative way of dealing with and challenging the status quo.