Katherin Gutierrez

What are the characteristics of a space to make us act in one way or another? What is the difference between the spirit of a private or semi-private space? How does an object’s purpose change in a place where people work to a place where you sleep? How does the way these objects and spaces mutate every day give them an authenticity that would not be achieved within a static set up?

To understand what must happen in a place in order to create a certain Genius Loci, the artist opened a room in her house to be inhabited by different people in the form of an artist residency. In this exhibition, she shows the archive and the analysis of what happened there; the different stories that space can tell only by having an individual occupy it. Large format prints and frotagges of the space along with schemes illustrating the changes it has undergone are used as data for her to understand the secrets of dwelling. In perspective, the project brings awareness to the way our spaces are configured in order to better plan the objects and actions needed when a space has a specific purpose, be it a private room or a public square.

This is an ongoing investigation in which, through the creation of the artistic residence, the relationship between the artist’s work and his or her process is also studied. In the longer term, such a practice would allow participants to understand the possibilities of creating a more precise exhibition for their works.