Elementary Parts/BAUHAUS DINNER WITH.....
Dr. Reinhard Spieler

18, June. 2019

The lecture ELEMENTARY PARTS by Dr. Reinhard Spieler, director of Sprengel Museum Hannover, draws a connection to the impulses of the Bauhaus movement and encourages to also ask seemingly simple questions in order to trace the important issues in art. These may prove to be vital for individual lives as well as for the form of our societies.

The event will take place in the context of an artistic dinner, created exclusively for the evening by the Mexican-born guest artist Lucero Hernández in collaboration with students from the MFA program “Public Art and New Artistic Strategies”, Faculty of Art and Design, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, under the direction of professor Danica Dakić, Anke Hannemann, Ina Weise and Jirka Reichmann (coordinator).